I thought I would publish my predictions and wishes for the new year. Feel free to add your own or comment on mine.
My first part of the post is what I think Will Happen.
- A new Expansion which I think will happen around Iokath, Zakuul and a new planet.
- A new Planet with Dalies and A "possible" traitor trying to get hold of u in secret like in shadow of Revan.
- 10 new Flashpoints/uprising/Star Fortress or something similar.
- 1 new GSF game
- 2 new pvp arenas
- return of 10 companions
- A Copero Stronghold
- Small in game games like cards or racing

My Wish List (what I want but probably won't happen )
Pet battles
1v1, 2 v2, 3v3 pvp
The Gravestone for your use or the guilds use
Chance to enter the opposite faction